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Written by Sue Gee   
Monday, 05 December 2022

The final part of the Google Cloud Computing Foundations Professional Certificate is now available on the edX platform. It looks at managed big data services, machine learning and its value, and how to demonstrate your skill set in Google Cloud. You can take this course, and the three leading up to it, free of charge by choosing the Audit option.

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The Google Cloud Computing Foundations Professional Certificate is intended as an entry-level credential intended for  individuals with little to no background or experience in cloud computing. It comprises four courses which provide a detailed overview of concepts covering cloud basics, big data, and machine learning, and where and how Google Cloud fits in.

Introducing the program for Google Cloud Computing Foundations, the edX blurb tells you what you will learn and also paints a very positive picture of the jobs outlook for people with the skills it covers: 

  • What is cloud computing and how Google Cloud’s computing options enable digital transformation.
  • How to store, manage and secure data in the cloud.
  • How to build, secure and manage network connections between cloud services.
  • How to use machine learning and AI to gather insights and make predictions with data.
  • Build skills to prepare to train for high growth cloud jobs.
  • 5.6 million global cloud jobs.
  • Over 1 million new cloud jobs created in 2022.
  • Cloud professionals can start at $80,000+/year in the US.
  • This course builds foundational cloud skills and prepares learners so they can continue their learning journey to a variety of cloud jobs such as Cloud Administrator, Cloud Developer, Cloud Database Engineer, etc.



The courses should be completed in order:

  1. Cloud Computing Fundamentals - 1 week,  5–6 hrs
  2. Infrastructure in Google Cloud - 1 week,  5–6 hrs
  3. Networking and Security in Google Cloud - 2 weeks, 8-10hrs
  4. Data, ML, and AI in Google Cloud- 2 weeks, 8-10 hours

It is the fourth course that has become available today and its description states: 

Data is the most important asset in the Cloud Computing era. This course focuses on the collection, storage and management of big data. It provides a comprehensible frame structure for Data Analysis. It also explains how to configure and make extensive use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by using Google Cloud.

While each of the courses is free to audit, if you want to earn the Professional  Certificate you'll need to pay for all four courses. They are priced individually at $99, but by enrolling on the Verified Track for the full series at the outset you save 10%, paying $359 rather than $399. Whereas the audit option on gives you two weeks access to the course paid-for enrollment doesn't have this time restriction.


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Google Cloud Computing Foundations Professional Certificate


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