JetBrains Partners With Constructor University To Teach Computer Science
Monday, 28 November 2022

JetBrains has announced a partnership with Constructor University. In the joint educational program the institutions aim to create a launch site for top performing students both online and onsite. There are plans for Joint Center of Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering to drive the future of software development by virtue of industry-oriented education and training. 

University full 

Formerly known as Jacobs University, Constructor University is an English-language university with campuses in Bremen Germany and Schaffhausen, Switzerland with over 1600 students from 110 countries. Going forward Constructor University, as a part of the Constructor Group, intends to sharpen its profile in Computer Science and Software Engineering research and education, and will dramatically increase student numbers in the short and long term.

With this partnership, JetBrains and Constructor University strive to provide industry-oriented training to educate the next generation of developers. JetBrains already supports the University: the company participates in the current Computer Science program with over 80 students enrolled this year but there is a new "JetBrains BSc" starting next year.

The provisional syllabus for the six-semester program of study takes students from little of no knowledge of coding to being able to program in several languages with a firm underpinning of math and algorithms in two years. In the third year students opt for a specialization in Machine Learning, Software Engineering or Programming Languages for the Fall semester and complete a BSc Thesis and Seminar during the Spring Semester. A summer internship or start up experience is also part of the third year. 

Fall 1

  • Analysis (7.5 CP)

  • Python lab (2.5 CP)

  • Basics of Programming (5 CP)

  • ​​Choice (exit option from the cluster) (7.5 CP)

  • Matrix Algebra & Advanced Calculus I (5 CP)

Spring 1

  • Linear Algebra (7.5 CP)

  • C++ (7.5 CP)

  • Algorithms & Data Structures I (7.5 CP)

  • Matrix Algebra & Advanced Calculus II (5 CP)

Fall 2

  • Operating Systems (5 CP)

  • Functional Programming (5 CP)

  • Databases (5 CP)

  • Algorithms & Data Structures II (7.5 CP)

  • Probability & Random Processes ( 5 CP)

Spring 2

  • Software Engineering (5 CP)

  • Java & Kotlin (5 CP)

  • Machine Learning (5 CP)

  • Discrete Mathematics (5 CP)

  • Formal Languages (2.5 CP)

  • Statistics & Data Analytics (5 CP)

Fall 3

  • Specialization (Machine Learning*) ( 5 CP)

  • Specialization (Software Engineering*) ( 5 CP)

  • Specialization (Programming Languages*) ( 5 CP)

  • Summer Internship / Start-Up (after 2nd year) (15 CP)

Spring 3

  • BSc Thesis and Seminar (15 CP)

  • Summer Internship / Start-Up (after 2nd year) (15 CP)

JetBrains specialists will be directly involved in the education process, sharing their knowledge and practical expertise with the students: they will develop and support all courses and JetBrains will be among the companies offering internships. The plan for the BSc program is to accept 200 students within three years and 500 within ten years.

JetBrains also provides scholarships for tuition: top-performing students from all over the world can study almost free of charge. JetBrains even offers tuition deferral, allowing students to pay for their education when they graduate and find a job.

The partnership between JetBrains and the Constructor University extends to as Joint Center of Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, which will drive the future of software development by virtue of industry-oriented education and training.



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