Udacity Launches New Blockchain Nanodegree
Written by Sue Gee   
Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Udacity has revamped its BlockChain Developer Nanodegree program. It is a two-month program at Beginner level, although you'll need to be familiar with JavaScript and the new emphasis is how Blockchain will be key to Web 3. To celebrate the launch Udacity is offering a 50% discount on the entire Udacity catalog until Friday, May 31st.


The proposed next phase of the internet is Web3, envisioned as a decentralized web, radically different from the current version (Web 2.0) that we're familiar with. Whereas in Web 2.0, a small number of tech giants control a large portion of the data and content, Web 3 aims to distribute control among users, potentially through blockchain technology. With its distributed ledger system, Blockchain can help distribute control across a network of computers, making it harder for any single entity to control the web.


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In promoting its new Blockchain Developer Nanodegree, Udacity points out that:

with a projected market value exceeding $39 billion by 2025, blockchain is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of modern digital infrastructure. This burgeoning industry is creating an array of high-demand career opportunities, with Glassdoor reporting an impressive average salary of $119,780 for blockchain developers in the U.S. 

There are two courses in the new Nanogree program:

1: Blockchain Fundamentals - 4 weeks

This is a deep dive into the essential building blocks of blockchain technology. You’ll begin by exploring the structure and historical context of blockchain, gaining a solid foundation in its core principles. From there, you’ll explore blockchain networks, focusing on how information is shared and consensus mechanisms are achieved. The course also covers blockchain wallets and solutions, giving a practical understanding of how these elements function in real-world scenarios. The capstone project for this course involves evaluating a blockchain use case, ensuring you gain hands-on experience in assessing blockchain’s application and potential impact.

2: Blockchain With Solidity - 4 weeks

Tailored for those eager to develop technical skills in smart contract programming, this course starts with the basics of Solidity syntax, learning the language that powers most of today’s smart contracts. It then moves into design patterns and decentralized application (dApp) interactions, providing a comprehensive look at how to build and deploy robust smart contracts. You’ll also learn how to use Hardhat, a development environment for Ethereum software, to test your smart contracts. The final project involves coding a collateralized loan smart contract, guiding you through the entire process from development to deployment.

Enrollment in the Blockchain Developer Nanodegree is already open and, if you act quickly, you can take advantage of a 50% discount by using promo code BLOCKCHAIN50 at checkout. The discount, which ends Friday, May 31st at 11:59 PDT, applies across  the entire Udacity catalog and is a great opportunity to advance a programming career or branch out into a new area.  See this roundup of courses for some ideas.


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Help Shape The World of Web3 with Udacity’s New Blockchain Nanodegree Program

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