Amazon Releases Free Courses On AI
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Friday, 14 June 2024

A range of free self-paced courses on GenAI, have been released on AWS SkillBuilder, Amazon's online learning center where you can learn from AWS experts to build cloud skills online.

Amazon has been lately pumping up its services with Gen AI. We've recently looked at Amazon Bedrock which added support for Claude3 Opus, as well as Llama2 and Mistral to SageMaker Canvas. For users to learn how to utilize its AI services better, Amazon has released 5 new courses on various aspects of Generative AI on AWS Skill Builder.

These are courses are:

Generative AI in Action
This course provides an overview of generative AI's use cases and the business value they provide, incluing real-world applications across major industries as well as case studies.

Operationalize Generative AI Applications (FMOps/LLMOps)
This goes through the challenges in productionizing LLMs and the set of tools available to solve them. It provides an overview of the reference architecture for developing, deploying, and operationalizing LLMs.

Developer wise this is the most interesting of all since it covers topics such as :

  • Differentiating between MLOps and LLMOps and defining core challenges in operationalizing LLMs
  • Learning how to select the optimal LLM for a given use-case
  • Understanding how to evaluate LLMs and the difference between evaluation and benchmarking
  • Defining core components of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and how it can be managed
  • Differentiating continual pre-training from fine-tuning
  • Understanding fine-tuning techniques available out-of-the-box on AWS
  • Learning about what to monitor in LLMs and how to do it on AWS
  • Understanding governance and security best practices
  • Illustrating reference architecture for LLMOps on AWS

Chalk Talks: Amazon Bedrock
This is about the impact of generative AI, as well as the common risks and challenges in implementing GenAI applications. The course then focus onto Amazon Bedrock, walking through its core components.

Chalk Talks: Amazon Q
In this course you again learn about the common risks and challenges in using generative AI applications
but under the perspective of Amazon Q; how Amazon Q solves those challenges.

Chalk Talks: Generative AI on AWS
This course provides an overview of the options available to customers for building generative AI applications on AWS and specifically focuses on leveraging foundational models on Amazon SageMaker Jumpstart.

All the courses span from 45 to 90 minutes, are of fundamental level and are addressed to anyone looking to understand how to build generative AI applications on the AWS cloud platform or to Solution Architects who evaluate platform options for building generative AI applications again on AWS.
In order to enroll a SkillBuilder account is necessary but you can register for one for free.

In any case even if you're not using Amazon's tools, the courses' have carry wider educational value since they tackle
the core objectives of generative AI, its use cases across different industry segments and the risks and challenges in arsing from the use of generative AI applications.


More Information

Generative AI in Action: Real-World Use Cases

Operationalize Generative AI Applications (FMOps/LLMOps)

Chalk Talks: Amazon Bedrock

Chalk Talks: Amazon Q

Chalk Talks: Generative AI on AWS 

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