Android and MeeGo courses from Linux Foundation
Wednesday, 02 February 2011

The Linux Foundation has announced six new training courses related to development on the Android and MeeGo platforms, both of which are Linux-based mobile operating systems .

According to Jennifer Closer, Director of Communications & Community for the Linux Foundation:

"More and more companies are coming to [the Linux Foundation] looking for developer talent specific to Android and MeeGo. These new courses will help train developers on two of the most popular Linux-based OSes, advancing developers' careers, aiding companies in finding talent and accelerating Linux in the mobile space."

The three new Android classes are:

LF329:Introduction to Android - 3 days. For those with basic Java or equivalent OOP language, covers the basics of the Android platform.

LF315:Android Internals - 2 days. Takes mobile application development to the next level covering how to create custom widgets and animations, work with camera and sensors, create and use advanced content providers, plus testing and deployment of Android applications

LF295:Android Bootcamp - 5 days. For those already familiar with basic Android development practices this hands -on course explains how Android compares to other mobile environments, the setup of the Android Eclipse-based development tools, the SDK and APIs such as background services, accelerometers, graphics, and GPS. By the end of the course, each participant will build their own complete Android application (typically a Twitter app) incorporating most of the key aspects of the platform.

For MeeGo, the classes are:

LF273: MeeGo Training for Non-Developers - 1 day. For business and engineering managers interested in learning about the MeeGo project

LF363: Portable Application Development for MeeGo Devices - 2 days.Covers fundamentals for app development including the MeeGo Qt standardized API

LF361: Hands-on Approach to MeeGo Internals and OBS Build System - 2 days Hands-on training on openSUSE Build Service (OBS) which is used as MeeGo's distribution development platform.

All of these classes are available as classroom, online and onsite training.


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