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Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Monday, 14 March 2016

In an already overcrowded e-learning market, what is being offered by many platforms is more or less the same. Skillset is a platform with a different proposition; that of focusing entirely on preparing candidates for taking an exam in one of the popular certifications. 



The certifications covered are in the areas of networking, ethical hacking, information systems, project management and security and are all well recognized professional credentials.



Skillset is browser-based and provides practice tests and performance indicators that constantly reassess the training engine and force it to fit the student's level of experience and progress. So, for example, when you fail many questions, the engine will take a step back, re-calibrating the material as well as the level of difficulty, to a level more suited to the student. There's also a Readiness Indicator, which lets students know when they are ready to take the actual exam with the greatest possibility of passing it.



At this point I'd like to highlight that Skillset is not an online exam centre that offers exams or issues official certifications. It's there only for exam preparation. Keep that in mind when signing up

The questions' level of difficulty span Beginner to Proficient to Expert, therefore covering all levels of expertise. They are not recycled from old tests but are newly generated by a panel of experts in their area of interest. User can upgrade to a higher level when they feel comfortable enough with the knowledge already acquired

After signing up for a certification path you then get to choose between the Personalized and Progressive tests. The Personalized test is a competency diagnostic test, comprising of 125 questions. This gauges the user's current knowledge and skills in order to establish an entry level for training and assessment best suited to the student's experience and knowledge.



The actual road to mastering the exam starts with the Progressive test. As its name suggests, this test is incremental in difficulty and uses the results of the diagnostic/Personalized test to select which of the available algorithms to use. For example, it can be made to skip over items covering subjects the exam taker is already proficient with and instead offer training that matches what still needs to be learned. Skilltest's experts estimate that this approach lessens the required time for exam preparation by a staggering 31%.

You might be wondering what the cost of such a training would be. The answer is nothing - it is free for anyone to take as many practice tests as often as they wish. So the next logical question would be, why pay for a premium account when everything is already free?

It is because Skillset is so confident in the accuracy of  its Readiness Indicator that Pro subscribers are offered an Exam Pass Guarantee.
What that means in practise is that if you fail your exam, Skillset will refund you as well as pay for a replacement exam voucher.



An additional bonus of going Pro is that you get access to exclusive training material, so that before you get on with your progressive tests, you can follow special video tutorials and extra sets of questions pertaining to the subject at hand, thus enjoying a holistic approach to your exam preparation.



The struggle for a certification aside, completing a Skillset exam is another way of letting a potential employer know of your skills, fill gaps or reinforce what you already know. Ultimately, if obtaining a certification was never your intention, getting a hold of the platform has still a lot to offer, like self-assessing your skills without the pressure and risk of doing so. 

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