Udacity Offers HTML5 Game Development Certification
Written by Sue Gee   
Friday, 31 May 2013

Udacity has come up with a new way to get your skills as an HTML5 Games Developer recognized by potential employers. It will cost you $80 but you get more than a certificate.


As we reported at the time, Udacity's HTML5 Game Development Course was initially run from February to April this year. Following completion of the first run Udacity held a contest for students to design their own games.

Now it has come up with another way for students to validate their achievements. 

Describing the HTML5 Game Development Certificate as a way to "Level-Up" Udacity's announcement states:

Get a verified HTML5 Game Development Certificate endorsing your skills. This certificate authenticates your HTML5 game development prowess and gives you the option to share your profile with exclusive companies at the forefront of web gaming, such as Gameloft, Game Closure, Kiwi Up, and more.


As well as a Verified Certificate of accomplishment in HTML5 Game Development you also get custom feedback on your submitted project, i.e. game, and opportunities to connect with employers.

This is a limited time offer and is available to those who have completed the HTML5 Game Development Course, which is now available on open enrollment.

Although it's billed as an 8-week course it is just about possible to complete the course and the project - an HTML5 game that builds on the concepts and activities covered in the course - in time to meet the final submission/exam deadline of July 1st. The deadline for signing up is June 24th and the first step in the sign up is to pay the $80 fee.

There are two parts to gaining the certificate:

  • An online proctored exam 90 minutes in length test knowledge of concepts covered in the course including 1-2 coding questions implementing some of them.

  • A fun and engaging game that runs in the browser and achieves a performance of at least 30fpson a modern laptop. It can be written in any language but must not require plugin installation - Flash in particularly is not allowed. Assessment will be based on gameplay, code quality, dev process and documentation.

More information is provided in Udacity's FAQ page for HTML5 Certification.

From its inception Udacity has had the idea that it could help employers locate suitably qualified jobseekers and could enable its students embark on their careers and this certification initiative appears to a step towards that goal.


More Information

HTML5 Game Development Certification

HTML5 Game Development Course

FAQ page for HTML5 Certification.


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