New TypeScript Website Launched
Written by Ian Elliot   
Monday, 17 August 2020

A new website for TypeScript has been announced by Microsoft. The new site includes better code samples, improved visibility of JavaScript, and the use of a new TypeScript markup format.

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that adds optional static types which can be checked by the TypeScript compiler to catch common errors in your programs.


TypeScript Website has launched on Orta Therox, an engineer on the TypeScript compiler, said:

"The new version of the website was built out of a desire to make the documentation for TypeScript feel as expansive as its type-system, with a design that fits modern Microsoft styles."

The hope is that the new homepage will make it easier to understand TypeScript's place in the JavaScript ecosystem. The TypeScript logo has also been redesigned to more closely reflect the unofficial logo in use within the community.


Other design changes for the updated site include completely separate navigation for mobile and desktop versions, and a search option for the documentation. The Playground code explorer area has been redesigned to include interactive interwoven code samples within the existing documentation.

Other changes to the playground include compression of sharable URLs so they're not too long; a more comprehensive set of examples teaching TypeScript; and the ability to extend the playground using user plugins. One nice touch is the ability to write in either JavaScript or TypeScript and see the equivalent .JS or .d.ts output. Types are also now downloaded from npm.

In more practical terms, the code samples are being moved to use a new TypeScript markup format called twoslash. Twoslash code samples use the TypeScript compiler to generate accurate error messages, get compiler outputs, and query hover tooltips for quick-info. This information can then be rendered in a static page for code samples.

One of the biggest areas for improvement was documentation for the collection of over 100 compiler flags. The new website also includes a long-form description for all the 100+ compiler flags and examples are compiler-backed, meaning that the examples show exactly what happens when a particular config is changed.


  • Ian Elliot is the author of several JavaScript titles. Just JavaScript: An Idiomatic Approach is intended for programmers who are familiar with another language, and which takes a radical look at JavaScript that takes account of the way it is object-based. JavaScript Async covers asynchronous programming in JavaScript, async/await, Promises, Service Workers and so on.  His latest book, JavaScript Bitmap Graphics with Canvas shows you how to use Canvas to create graphics without resorting to a library of any kind


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