JetBrains JavaScript Day 2021
Written by Ian Elliot   
Monday, 04 October 2021

JetBrains is organizing a free virtual event covering a variety of aspects of the JavaScript ecosystem. It takes place on October 14th with all presentations being streamed live on You Tube, where they will remain available after the event.


After its success last year with a Kotlin event, JetBrains has turned its attention to JavaScript and has lined up community experts to talk about the topics they are passionate about.

Each of the nine talks lasts 30 minutes and they span over six hours, starting at 9:00 am EDT, which is 13:00 UTC.  Attendees are encouraged to ask questions in the You Tube chat during the presentations and can also reach out to the speakers on Twitter.

The speakers and their talks are:

  • Scaling Team Delivery Using Standardization, by Debbie O'Brien, Head Developer Advocate at Bit
    How can you scale fast and build fast, yet keep the same standards across all projects and teams? Let's take a look at tooling as well as creating shareable configs and template generators for components so you can speed up your team's delivery. 
  • TC39 Demystified, by Ujjwal Sharma, Compilers Hacker at Igalia
    JavaScript boasts of one of the most vibrant and diverse programmer communities, with a diverse set of needs and opinions about what the future of the language should be. In the middle of all of this effort, sits TC39. However, TC39 needs to take all stakeholders into account, including not only TC39 members but also the greater JavaScript community.

  • Documenting the Web Platform, by Florian Scholz, Content Lead at Open Web DocsThe Open Web Docs collective is sponsored by a community of people and companies who care about docs for the Web platform.In this talk, we are going to explore how the Web gets documented at MDN Web Docs and how we'd imagine documentation to appear within a broader context of developer's workflows.

  • Hands-Free Coding With Gaze Control in JavaScript, by Charlie Gerard,Senior Frontend Engineer at Netlify
    When talking about accessibility, we usually focus on improving the ways people use a website but we never really think about the experience of people who build it. What if we could improve the coding experience by going beyond the keyboard and build tools that would allow different kinds of interactions? In this talk, I’ll show how we can use gaze detection in JavaScript to enable hands-free coding.

  • Documentation Playgrounds With Module Imports Support, by Andrey Grandilevskiy, Frontend Developer at JetBrains
    It is impossible to develop the UI-library on React and its documentation without usage examples with source code. In this talk, we’ll explain how we implemented the live code-sandboxes inside markdown content with supporting imports for our new RescUI library.

  • Angular 13, by Aaron Frost, Software Architect at HeroDevs
    Welcome to version 13 of enterprise's favorite framework: Angular. During this talk, we'll go through all of the latest and greatest changes to the framework, showing you each of the newest additions and deletions.
  • htmx: Writing JavaScript to Avoid Writing JavaScript, by Carson Gross, Creator of htmx
    In this talk we will look at htmx, a JavaScript library written to avoid writing JavaScript. We'll discuss the motivation for such a creation and then look at some of the features and implementations of htmx.
  • Monorepos: Any Size Fits All, by Altan Stalker, Software Engineer at Nrwl
    Popularized by tech giants like Google, monorepos have become increasingly popular across organizations of all sizes in recent years. Is this model correct for your organization? What are the benefits, and how do these stack up against the initial overhead of adoption?
  • How to Get Involved in Open Source: A Quickstart Guide, by Tracy Lee, CEO of This Dot Labs
    How do you get involved in open source? This is a question I get asked a lot, and surprisingly, it's not as difficult as you may think. In this talk we'll discuss the WHY and HOW related to open source contributions, and also touch on the DOs and DONTs so you can be successful today!

Registration is open now and once registered you will be sent a link for the event. You can join in at any time and can ask to be sent email reminder for the sessions you register for.   




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