Next.js Updates Runtime
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 29 August 2022

Next.js has been updated with a new, better, runtime along with a new package that extends what’s possible with Next.js Middleware. Next.js is an open-source toolkit for universal, server-rendered (or statically pre-rendered) React.js applications.

Next.js is described as an intuitive page-based routing system with support for dynamic routes. It automatically statically optimizes pages when possible, and carries out server-side rendering of  pages with blocking data requirements.


The first change to the new release is the new runtime environment. The team says this lets you run Next.js on a more modern edge network that gives you more power and flexibility than what’s available with other platforms. It has also been designed to let you run Next.js and all of its core features with zero configuration.

The Next.js runtime configures your site on Netlify, automatically generating serverless functions that handle server-side rendered (SSR) pages, incremental static regeneration (ISR), images, and Next.js features. The runtime also supports Next.js rewrites and redirects. These are defined in your next.config.js file and support some features that are not included in Netlify redirects and rewrites.

The next improvement is to the middleware options. Next.js Advanced Middleware supports HTML rewrites, page data transforms, and through full access to the response body can be used to modify content on the fly, at the edge, without unnecessary client-side JavaScript or complicated SSR strategies.

Suggested uses by the developers include showing different content to site visitors based on their geolocation; or authenticating users to an app without revealing private keys in the request.

The Advanced Middleware is only available on Netlify’s Next.js Runtime, but this also adds access to over thirty additional features including a GraphQL-powered API mesh for easily connecting new services, granular release management features for locking and prioritizing builds, and advanced serverless capabilities like background functions and scheduled functions.


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