Deno 1.28 Stabilizes NPM Compatibility
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Deno 1.28 has been released with stabilizied compatibility for npm. Deno is the JavaScript and TypeScript runtime from the creator of Node.js.

Deno uses V8 and is built in Rust. It is described as secure by default as it has no file, network, or environment access, unless explicitly enabled.  Deno was created by the same developer who created node.js - Ryan Dahl - and its name is a rearrangement of the letters in node.


The stable npm compatibility means developers can now import over 1.3 million npm modules in Deno, and the team says this means developers can use their favorite persistent data modules such as Prisma, Mongoose, and MySQL, as well as frontend frameworks such as React and Vue.

While the npm work is the headline in this release, the team maintains that modern JavaScript should be built with ES Modules and web standard APIs, and this release does not change that. Writing on the Deno blog, Bartek IwaƄczuk, David Sherret, Andy Jiang, Ryan Dahl say:

"Importing npm modules is done through URLs in a standard compliant fashion - we continue to move towards a browser-compatible future, where you're using web APIs such as fetch, Request, and Response. Now, Deno is taking npm a step forward by allowing you to access your favorite modules in a modern, secure programming environment."

While the aim is to make as many npm modules compatible with Deno as possible, the team points out that some modules may not be compatible (yet) due to some edge cases that haven't been encountered, post-install scripts, or assumptions a few packages make about executing in a folder with a typical Node setup. Work will continue over the next few months to seek out and fix any problems.

Deno 1.28 is available now.


More Information

Deno Website

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