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Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Saturday, 29 September 2018

Is JavaScript eating the world? Yes, with AI being heralded as the next major conquest in the language's boundary expansion. is a website that aims to serve this cause by becoming a host to the most inspiring examples of AI & JavaScript from across the web.

Set up by the organizers of the "AI JavaScript London", a meetup interested in the impact of AI in all kinds of applications, the most recent being on "Art,Music and Artificial Intelligence", hosts projects which range from AI drum machines to NLP and using your voice for powering a calculator.

All applications in the showcase are open source and include online playgrounds for tweaking and testing them within your browser in order to better understand their purpose and functionality. For example, the "Emoji Caption" generator, automatically generates emoji captions for your images.You can try it by visiting and entering the link of  an image. I tried it by posting an image of a gathering of Tribe people and this is what the app made of it:



Fun aside, technically speaking,"Emoji Caption" is a PWA that takes the image URL and processes it with Azure's Computer Vision API to generate a caption in emojis! Best of all, the code is freely available at

Yet, another very interesting project in showcase is "" in which your play the classic Snakes game. but by using your webcam and a neural network. You first have to take a few images of moving your head towards a direction, up, down, left, right in order to train the neural model. After that you can play the game by simply moving your head around in front of your webcam. Magic! 


There's much more fun awaiting onsite and it gets frequently updated with new entries. All developers are welcome to post their work as long as their project is built in JavaScript and uses AI in some way, has a Github repo and a demo/playground. So go ahead and try yourself; fun, education and coding gathered under one roof!

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