Apache Isis Updated With New Programming Model
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Apache Isis has been updated with improvements, including a new programming model for action parameter negotiation, and a simplified command service.

Isis is a framework for rapidly developing domain-driven apps in Java. To use it  you write your business logic in entities, domain services or view models, and Isis then builds both a generic user interface and also a rich hypermedia REST API directly from the underlying domain objects. The Isis team says this makes for extremely rapid prototyping and a short feedback cycle, perfect for agile development..


The domain objects are the key part of an Isis app, either as persisted entities or view models. Business rules can be associated directly with domain objects, or can be factored out into separate services.

Isis includes a wide range of open source add-on modules for security, auditing, command profiling, mail merge and other cross-cutting concerns. It also has a number of UI extensions for maps, calendars etc. as well as a catalog of generic subdomains such as documents, communications, notes and tasks. 

Isis Dashboard

Over the last year, the Isis developers have restructured the framework, and moved it to run on the Java Spring Boot framework. The latest release includes support for an additional programming model for action parameters. This is designed to allow for more sophisticated management of parameters that interact with each other. It also has a simplified version of the command service and background commands. This includes new extension modules to persist commands (Command Log and Command Replay, to assist regression testing.

The developers have also brought the Kroviz client into the incubator. This is a single-page app that runs within the browser to provide a UI similar to that of the Wicket Viewer, but interacting with the domain application exclusively through the REST API provided by the Restful Objects Viewer.

The release also includes some preliminary work preparing the way for support for JPA (as an alternative to JDO/DataNucleus. This support is expected to be in the next milestone release.



More Information

Isis On GitHub

Apache Isis Website

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