Wolfram Finance Platform Launched
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Monday, 21 May 2012

Wolfram Research has released a finance tool that harnesses the computational power of Wolfram’s Mathematica software and applies it to finance workflows. 

Wolfram Finance Platform is a suite of solutions that combines computation, data analysis, visualization, and reporting. Its Bloomberg feed link feature of the software allows real-time trading data to be fed directly into computations or visualizations. 




Finance Platform's high-level language includes support for computational tools, such as derivatives pricing, model analysis, optimization methods, time series, probability distributions, and statistical tests. It also has support for interactive visualizations of data and models, including finance-specific charts and indicators.




Calculation is scalable using parallelization across CPUs and GPUs using parallel programming constructs that can distribute calculations across higher performance hardware or ad hoc computing clusters. Many built-in algorithms automatically parallelize over multicore or CUDA-compatible hardware, when available, to maximize performance.

The price of the package scales with the level of implementation needed.  Small teams and large companies are equally welcome to request a quote.


More Information

Wolfram Finance Platform


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