Conan C/C++ Package Manager 2.0 Now In Beta
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

A pre-release beta of the Conan C/C++ Package Manager has been released on GitHub with new generators and a new graph model that provides better support for C and C++ binaries relationships, compilation, and linkage.

Conan is an open source, decentralized and multi-platform package manager for C/C++ that allows you to create and share all your native binaries.


Conan is free and open-source, works on all the major operating systems and can be used to develop for all targets including embedded, mobile (iOS, Android), and bare metal. It integrates with major build systems including CMake, Visual Studio (MSBuild), Makefiles and SCons.

Conan is designed to accelerate the development and continuous integration (CI) of C and C++ projects. Its full binary management means it can create and reuse multiple different binaries. Conan can be used to capture artifacts that are created when building applications and libraries, and these are stored as a Conan Package. A wide variety of community contributed open source applications and libraries are stored as packages in Conan Center for popular open-source libraries like Boost, Zlib, OpenSSL, and Poco.

Improvements to version 2 of the manager include a new public Python API, new integrations to build systems, and a cleaner syntax that aims to make it easier to define recipes in C and C++. There's also a new graph model that provides a clearer view of the relations between packages in C and C++.

Alongside the beta of version 2, there's also an updated version of the current version. Conan 1.55 improvements include the ability for CMakeDeps to customize its dependencies target names, files and types. It has a new configuration that sets the location to the compiler executables. This configuration defines a dictionary, with the language as the key and the executable location as the value. There are also new NMakeDeps and NMakeToolchain integration, env-vars and conf enabled for editables.

The beta of Conan 2 and the latest version of 1.55 are available for download now.


More Information

Conan Website

Conan On GitHub

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