Microsoft Offers Research Grants For HoloLens
Written by Sue Gee   
Tuesday, 07 July 2015

Microsoft HoloLens opens up amazing opportunities for creating "mixed reality" experiences. Now Microsoft is offering incentives to academic research institutions in the United States to come up with novel ideas for what these experiences might be. 



When the Hololens was showcased at Build 2015, Alex Kipman claimed: 

 “Holographic computing can seamlessly connect the digital world with real life. This mixed reality grants us permission to reinvent productivity by creating experiences not possible on any other device or any other platform.”  

While we take issue with the use of "holographic" since the HoloLens, is basically a headset that projects a stereo pair of images, one to each eye, like any other virtual reality headset it is obvious that the fact that the visor is transparent allowing the user to see a 3D generated image embedded into the natural, real world, view does lend itself to applications that are yet to be imagined or invented. 

To help elicit the novel ideas Microsoft is offering five grants  of $100,000 and a pair of Hololens development kits and has put out a call for proposals from university and non-profit researchers in the United States.

One of the areas of interest listed  for Hololens research is:

Evolution of pedagogy in STEM, medical, and design education 

One such project included in the Build presentation was an anatomy demonstration in which a human body was projected in the room and split into copies showing layers of bones, muscles and nerves, thus enabling student doctors will work with augmented reality in place of cadavers. 




Other suggested areas of interest are data visualization, remote training, virtual conferences, interactive journalism and psychology related topics such as human perception and human-computer interaction.

Microsoft Research will be demonstrating more ways that HoloLens can be used in helping people create, learn, communicate, collaborate, work and play during the Keynote of its Faculty Summit 2015 webcast on Wednesday July 8 at 8:30 AM PDT.




The deadline for proposals, to be made using online application, is Septermber 5 and grant winners will be announced a month later. 



More Information

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