Microsoft Hyperlapse Ready For Use
Written by David Conrad   
Saturday, 16 May 2015

Have you ever wished you could take the bumps, shakes and the boring bits out of your videos? Now you can with Hyperlapse, a technology developed by Microsoft Research's Computational Photography Group.

Microsoft Hyperlapse is a new technology that creates smooth and stabilized time lapses from first-person videos - the sort that you might record on a hike or a bike ride or even while skiing - the video provides several such scenarios: 



If you want to know how it is done see the explanation in Taking The Shake Out Of GoPro from August 2014 when Microsoft Research first revealed it. 

Now the news it that is available in three versions:

  1. Hyperlapse Mobile is for those who want to capture hyperlapses on the go and share videos via social networks or emails. It is available for WindowsPhone 8.1 and as a beta for Android beta

  2. Hyperlapse Pro is is for enthusiasts and professionals who want to use a Windows desktop application to hyperlapse videos they took with a GoPro or any other device 
    It supports different speed up factors from 2x to 25X and hyperlapses can be output at different resolutions and frame rates. A free 64-bit Window preview can be downloaded for for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

  3. Hyperlapse for Azure Media Services is a cloud service for developers and media companies who want to integrate with their web and app offerings via Azures REST API/SDKs or using Azure Media Services Explorer. The preview is available free to all Azure Media Services accounts with a limit of 10,000 frames of video.

Other recent offerings from Mircosoft's Computational Photography Group are its improved Image Composition Editor, which stitches together panoramic images and Blink a Windows Phone 8.1 app which captures a series of images both before and after the shutter is pressed. All this means you never need to put up with substandard or boring photographs again.





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Microsoft Hyperlapse


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