Android 15 Developer Preview Updated
Written by Mike James   
Monday, 25 March 2024

Google has released Android 15 Developer Preview 2 with changes including better handling of automatic language switching and updates for OpenJDK 17.

As with the initial developer update last month, this release is for developers only, to help with early development, testing, and feedback. Android 15 Developer Preview 2 is an early baseline build and as such Android system and apps running on it might not always work as expected.


The new release has refreshed core libraries to ensure they work correctly with the features in the latest OpenJDK LTS releases. This includes improvements around NIO buffers and streams; additional math and strictmath methods; and security updates such as X500PrivateCredential and security key updates.

The handling of automatic language switching has been refined. Android 14 added on-device multi-language audio recognition with automatic switching between languages, but this can cause words to get dropped, especially when languages switch with less of a pause between the two utterances. Android 15 has added additional controls to allow apps to help tune this switching. 

A new feature in Android 15 is the ability to improve text readability through granular line break controls. Developers can use this to avoid line breaks or hyphenation.

This release also includes an early preview of substantial improvements to the PdfRenderer APIs, giving apps capabilities to incorporate advanced features such as rendering password-protected files, annotations, form editing, searching, and selection with copy.

A number of improvements have been made to make this release more private and secure, including screen record detection. This provides a way for apps to detect that they are being recorded. A callback is invoked whenever the app transitions between being visible or invisible within a screen recording. This means that if your app is performing a sensitive operation, you can inform the user that they're being recorded.

Android 15 Developer Preview 2 is available now.


  • Mike James is both editor-in-chief of IProgrammer and a prolific author. His Android titles include Android Programming in Kotlin: Starting With An App, a book that shows how common tasks are done in Android Studio, pointing out where necessary how this differs from the Java approach.

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