Google Android Developer Certification Exams Underway
Written by Sue Gee   
Monday, 18 July 2016

Last week Google announced its Associate Android Developer Certification and online exams for this job-oriented credential, intended to help candidates to get an entry-level Android developer jobs, were immediately available on the Udacity platform.



In this exam you are given 48 hours in which to prove your proficiency as an entry-level Android developer. You have to demonstrate skills in the following areas: 

  • Testing and Debugging

  • Application User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

  • Fundamental Application Components

  • Persistent Data Storage

  • Enhanced System Integration

The exam consists of a coding project which is "graded by Android experts" and requires you to use the latest version of Android Studio and an exit interview. It appears to be fully booked for the rest of July with a Wait List throughout August. If you sign up to reserve a timeslot you'll be notified of a date a few days in advance and will then need to pay and go through an identity verification process prior to getting the exam materials.


The certification was announced in India where it is priced at 6,500 Rupees (around $100). It forms part of Google's drive to train 2 million Indian Android developers by 2018, in which training will be delivered by Universities as well as through Google's existing courses which are already available on the Udacity platform, both for free and as part of two Nanodegrees at beginner and intermediate level. 

Launching the expanded Android training and certification program in New Delhi, Caeser Sengupta, VP, Product Management at Google, said:

"India is expected to have the largest developer population globally, overtaking the US, by 2018, with four million developers. But today only 25 per cent of developers are building for mobile. By building a world class curriculum and making it easily accessible to millions of students and developers in India, we want to contribute to the Skill India initiative and help make India the global leader in mobile app development." 

Peter Lubbers, Google's head of developer training added:

“We are hoping to get in about 2,000 different universities, training about 4,000 faculty to reach in excess of 250,000 students in these universities every year".


While Google’s program is larger in terms of numbers, Apple also has plans to expand opportunities for Indian developers with its CEO Tim announcing on a visit in May that Apple it would open a development accelerator in Bangalore to provide specialized support to iOS app developers.

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Associate Android Developer Certification

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