Microsoft Graph PowerShell and Python SDK In Preview
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 29 December 2022

Microsoft has announced that that the Graph PowerShell SDK and Python SDK are now in preview. Microsoft Graph lets organizations map the relationships between people, information and activities within the organization. You can use REST APIs or SDKs to access the data and build apps.

The SDKs include a set of tools, libraries, and documentation designed to help users get started building applications that take advantage of the data and insights available through Microsoft Graph API.


The Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK takes care of aspects such as throttling, retries, redirects, and authentication, and provides PowerShell cmdlets for all REST APIs available in Microsoft Graph, along with preview access to datasets from Dynamics 365 Business Central. This means you can add customer, vendor, and financial information to your Microsoft Graph-powered applications.

The Microsoft Graph Core Python client library is a lightweight wrapper around the Microsoft Graph API. It provides the means to create clients with the correct configuration and middleware. The new SDK supplements the Python core library, supplying an authentication provider that automatically refreshes access tokens, along with a built-in retry handler that understands response status codes and automatically waits the recommended time. The SDK also provides an async experience, allowing the application to work on multiple requests at the same time and perform other operations while it waits for the response. It is also equipped with HTTP2 support and model classes corresponding to Microsoft Graph resources, allowing the developer to work with Python objects, automatically serializing and deserializing JSON format in requests and responses. The SDK is also generated with Kiota, an open-source project for generating an API client to call any OpenAPI described API.

Both the PowerScript and Python SDKs are available in beta versions now. 


More Information

Microsoft Graph Technical Documentation

Graph Toolkit on GitHub

Graph SDKs Documentation.

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