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Written by Sue Gee   
Tuesday, 02 April 2024
Announcing $2.2 Million in pre-seed funding, the Estonian startup Supersimple has launched an AI-native data analytics platform which combines a semantic data modeling layer with the ability to answer ad hoc questions, giving users reliable, consistent data to power their day-to-day work.
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Even though modern data stacks are better than ever before, organizations are still only scratching the surface of being able to get the right information to the right people. Thanks to recent advances in data warehouses and machine learning (including but not limited to large language models), it is now possible to build entirely new user experiences to detect and explain valuable data insights, and to let users explore any follow-up questions. Supersimple believes that purpose-built, complete platforms are required to offer the level of versatility and trust that’s required among enterprises and for mission-critical workflows. The company is also putting an emphasis on user experience and design in a space that has traditionally made that a footnote.
Its new AI-native data analytics platform combines a semantic data modeling layer and state-of-the-art explainable AI to give users reliable, consistent data to power their day-to-day work.


Marko Klopets, co-founder and CEO at Supersimple explains:
“Most of the value in data doesn’t come from staring at a dashboard. Instead, it comes from deep, specific questions – testing hypotheses, exploring and iterating. Supersimple was built around this insight to help teams always have the right information to make great decisions.
Making structured data from data warehouses accessible and usable is the first step towards Supersimple becoming the operating system of the fastest growing companies.”
The Supersimple data analytics platform gives everyone the ability to answer ad-hoc, complex data questions through its no-code and natural language interfaces without having to know or learn technologies like SQL or Python, or think in terms of database concepts.Responding to questions posed in plain English, Supersimple’s AI explains every step it takes, eliminating hidden hallucinations, to give users confidence in  trusting its results. 
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