Facebook Launches DeepFake Detection Challenge
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 06 September 2019

Facebook is teaming up with Microsoft and academics to create a Deepfake Detection Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to produce technology that can be used by anyone to detect when AI has been used to alter a video in order to mislead the viewer.



Facebook said on the challenge's home page:

"Adversaries creating fake content and the platforms finding it are competing in something comparable to a high-stakes, fast-moving chess game. No single organization can solve this on their own. That’s why we’re working together on an ongoing initiative"



The Deepfake Detection Challenge will include a data set and leaderboard, as well as grants and awards. The full list of organizations working on the challenge consists of Facebook, the Partnership on AI, Microsoft, and academics from Cornell Tech, MIT, University of Oxford, UC Berkeley, University of Maryland, College Park, and University at Albany-SUNY.

Announcing the challenge, Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer said:

'Deepfake' techniques, which present realistic AI-generated videos of real people doing and saying fictional things, have significant implications for determining the legitimacy of information presented online. Yet the industry doesn't have a great data set or benchmark for detecting them. We want to catalyze more research and development in this area and ensure that there are better open source tools to detect deepfakes.

The challenge will launch in late 2019 with the release of a dataset, and will run through the end of March 2020.



As explained in the video announcing the challenge, the dataset will be large, and will consist of videos of actors who have been paid and have consented to have their videos used as the basis for deepfake videos. This dataset will be used by people entering the competition to train their systems.

You can find out more about the challenge and how to enter on the Deepfake Detection Challenge homepage.



More Information

Deepfake Detection Challenge homepage

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