Call For Code 2023 Takes Sustainability Focus
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 17 February 2023

The 2023 Call for Code competition has been launched with a focus on encouraging the development of AI-powered technology projects that address sustainability issues to help fight climate change.

Call for Code was launched by IBM and David Clark Cause in 2018 to develop tech to tackles some of the world’s biggest challenges. It is open to teams of developers, designers, data scientists, and entrepreneurs who are over the age of 18. This year's competition is backed by David Clark Cause, IBM, United Nations and the Linux Foundation.


The organizers hope to widen the competition to engage more developers, so Call for Code is moving from a single, annual global challenge to multiple “Challenge Rounds” throughout 2023. In each Challenge Round, teams will compete for cash prizes out of a total prize pool of up to $1.4M USD.

Winning teams can receive prizes in multiple Challenge Rounds during the year, ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 USD. One winning team from each category – Developers, University students and Startups – will each be eligible to win a grand prize of $50,000 USD at the end of the year, including open source support from the Linux Foundation, which has open sourced more than a dozen previous Call for Code projects.

Call for Code participants make use of open-source-powered  AI and cloud software such as Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud, and IBM’s embeddable AI portfolio, including IBM Watson Assistant. Competitors need to create solutions that address at least one sustainability issue, such as: 

  • Improve the ability to measure, analyze, or take decisive action on carbon emissions
  • Address issues of water scarcity and quality
  • Improve supply chain transparency and traceability to bring fast and accurate visibility to sustainability issues where they arise

 There's also a new category aimed at startups, independent software vendors (ISVs), and venture capitalists (VCs) which will pair entrants with enterprises. Participating startups and ISVs will create solutions using IBM AI technology that help address a specific sustainability need chosen by each enterprise.




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