BlueMix Cloud Contest for JavaScript Devs
Written by Lucy Black   
Friday, 18 September 2015

CoderPower has just launched a new JavaScript contest in which you test your skills against the clock and other coders with a chance to win cash and other prizes.



CoderPower is an interactive platform which sets out to provide "intelligent entertainment". It does this by setting code challenges and providing interactive content about new technologies.

The training material, presented in the Discovery section consists of short videos that walk through a specific task or function. These is accompanied by an exercise in which you perform a similar or related task following the instructions and hints provided.  




The IBM Bluemix Cloud Contest runs from September 16th to October 28th. For this set of six weekly challenges, the first of which is already available, contestants will get to know and work with the IBM Bluemix Platform and for this you will need to create an free trial account. Once you have your account you'll use node.js and IBM data to data to build a predictive engine. 

The Discovery phase for the first challenge has three videos. The first covers initializing the IBM BlueMix SDK and once you've watched it you replicate the steps, giving the credentials required to proceed with the contest.




Although you can type and copy and paste into the Code pane at the top right it isn't a full development environment. The validation process is done via a test suite and the technology is simulated by a mocking system. 

The next Discovery video is on creating and storing entities and it demos implementing a function in the IBMData module to create and persist data from an incoming request and this is followed by one showing how to create queries and functions through the  IBMData module.  

Once you have finished the Discovery phase you can test your understanding in the first challenge in the 6-step series in which you build a predictive engine called Cecile. 

CodePower explained the scenario:

"We have many users looking for specific content, e.g. movies and food. The server collects and stores each user data to create “search profiles”. Then we can ask to the server to find out the trend among all searches or the most relevant content for a specific user depending on other users search behavior".  

The six challenges vary in level of difficulty (1-star easiest to 5-star most difficult) and the time allowed varies accordingly. Each challenge opens on a Thursday as shown below:


Date  Level Task Time
16/09 ** Create, Stores and Identify a user  30
23/09 *** Create and store search profiles, search categories  45
30/09 **** Use search history and mix profiles to obtain a prediction  60
07/10 * Add a feedback feature to allow user to evaluate quality of a prediction  30
14/10 *** Based on user search history, profile, predictions and feedback, optimize the process for big data.  60
21/10 ***** Update user's profile in order to store a push registration id. Identify if it is an iOS or an Android ID and send a push prediction.  60


The quickest contestant for each challenge win a prize, such as a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch and the overall winner for all six wins 2000Euros.

There are 7 prizes: 6 for each of the challenges and 1 for the best contestant of all 6 challenges (he has to solve all the challenges).

The challenge is open to all nationalities except where prohibited by local laws to anyone over the age of majority in the country where they reside.

Building a recommendation engine is an interesting project for JavaScript devs and the prospect of winning prizes at the same time makes it all the more so.





More Information

IBM Bluemix Cloud Contest  

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