2016 Source Code Poetry Competition
Saturday, 07 May 2016

It's time to summon up your muse for the 2016 Source Code Poetry Competition. In honor of his 400th anniversary, this year your entry has to be related in some way to Shakespeare. Submissions need to be made before June 6th.



The other rules for this annual contest are that the submitted source code must to be a valid program. It can be in any programming language and must compile properly. Comments and string literals are NOT permitted and while it doesn't necessarily have to rhyme this seems to be something the judges might be looking for.

The judges for this competition are Greg Young, the author of Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS); Angus Croll, the author of the book "If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript") and Daniel Holden last year's Code Poetry winner with this entry:




See 2015 Source Code Poetry Competition for more about this poem and other submissions to last year's contest and go to the website for entries to previous years including this from 2013:




This year the authors of the top three poems will be awarded a copy of Angus Croll's book and a ticket to the Build Stuff software developers conference taking place in November (either in Lithuania or Ukraine). In addition the authors of the best two poems will receive a Vengeance K95 Gaming Keyboard and a Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi eBook.

T-shirts,which neatly encapsulate the contest, will also be awarded for the best entries.  



There is art in all programming and its form often looks poetic. This challenge asks you to go one further step - perhaps by adding rhyme. And for 2016 you need to look to Shakespeare for your inspiration. 


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