PyCharm 2023.1 Adds Support For Remote Jupyter Notebooks
Written by Mike James   
Thursday, 04 May 2023

The 2023 train of releases for PyCharm is underway, with the first major release adding support for remote Jupyter notebooks, enhancements to the new UI, and improved type inference for generics.

PyCharm is the cross-platform IDE from JetBrains that provides code analysis, a graphical debugger, an integrated unit tester, integration with version control systems, and supports web development with Django. It has two versions, a Professional Edition and a less extensive Community Edition released under the Apache licence.


JetBrains' 2020 survey of Python Developers found PyCharm to be the most popular Python IDE, with a share of 33% for its Community and Professional Editions combined.

The most obvious change to the new version is the new UI, which the team says reduces visual complexity, provides easy access to essential features, and progressively discloses complex functionality as needed. In practical terms this means a simplified main toolbar, new tool window layout, new themes, and updated icons. The UI is enabled by default for new PyCharm Community edition users. PyCharm Professional users will still have the classic UI by default.

The enhanced Jupyter support means you can work with remote notebooks straight from your IDE, and can copy, paste, and rename remote Jupyter notebooks between local and remote machines. Debugging individual cells inside remote notebooks is now also possible.

Elsewhere the IDE now features improved handling for hierarchies of generic classes and generic protocols, resolving many long-standing problems with type hinting; there's now support for Astro for frontend development, improved code review workflows for GitHub, reworked commit check behavior, and merged logs from all Docker-compose containers in the Dashboard tab of the Docker-compose node.

The most recent update, 2023.1.1, adds what the developers describe as some highly requested bug fixes related to the debugger and remote interpreters. The new release also adds support for PyScript’s new approach to application configuration.



  • Mike James is the author of the of the Programmer's Python: Something Completely Different series of books which set out to show how Python diverges from other programming languages and how its special features deserve our attention.


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What’s New in PyCharm 2023.1

What’s New in PyCharm

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