Python Web Conference 2023 Sessions Now Online
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Tuesday, 22 August 2023

The talks presented at the 5th annual Python Web Conference are now available on YouTube. Topics ranged from AI/ML and Big Data to CI/CD, Serverless and more.

Python Web Conference is one of the newest Python programming conferences. Year 2023 marked the 5th conference in the series, this time being hosted on "LoudSwarm", a virtual event platform by Six Feet Up.

The lineup featured 70 speakers from top companies including AWS, IBM, Microsoft etc and around 80 sessions, tutorials and lightning talks.

As already mentioned, the topics included AI/ML, Big Data, CI/CD, Serverless, Security, Containers etc, but there was also also a series dedicated to climate tech and tech leaders.

There's many great options there, so we'll try to mention some that are noteworthy. Like:

What's that smell? Detecting air quality with Python, Raspberry Pi, and Redis
This sessions went through how to create your own air sensor system to send alerts, activate appliances, and gather data. A sensor measures air quality and relays data to a Raspberry Pi compute unit. The Pi unit sends readings to Redis, which fans out data to multiple outlets in real-time.

Best Practices for Deploying Well-Architected, Serverless Python Applications to AWS with CDK
The talk covered:

  • AWS CDK python project structure

  • Python-specific development tools, such as Lambda Powertools

  • Services, constructs, and patterns for python CDK development

  • Adhering to Well-Architected best practices

Vectorization: How slow Python runs fast code
The talk covered:

  • Why writing fast software matters: to you, your employer, and the world at large.

  • How vectorization allows your code to run multiple orders of magnitude faster.

  • How to identify both vectorized code, and code that will run slowly by breaking vectorization.

  • How to turn slow code into fast vectorized code.

Building an IoT App with InfluxDB, Python, Flask And Plotly

  • How to bootstrap your development environment to get developing on InfluxDB

  • How to use the InfluxDB Python Client library to receive data from your users, and write that data to InfluxDB

  • How to query InfluxDB so that your app can visualize the data for your users

  • How to install a downsampling task in InfluxDB that will both save you money in storage costs as well as optimize the user experience for your users

  • How to use InfluxDB’s powerful “Checks and Notifications” system to help you provide custom alerting to your users

Django with PostgreSQL superpowers

  • How to use to our advantage the features of PostgreSQL as a database in Django.

We've "REST"ed long enough -- let's have an API adventure!
Many developers are familiar with consuming/designing RESTful APIs, but what about building and consuming GraphQL and gRPC APIs? What about event-driven or asynchronous APIs? What are the benefits and technical limitations of each? This sessions goes down the rabbit hole and explores some of these API types.

As you can see, there's a really vast range of topics covered, satisfying every audience from data scientists to web developers.

The sessions are available on Youtube as a huge playlist and While the event ran in March, the videos have been gradually appearing on YouTube between May and July when all the sessions were fully uploaded.


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Python Web Conf 2023

Python Web Conf 2023 YouTube 

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