PyCharm Edu Adds Adaptive Courses
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 19 August 2016

A new version of PyCharm Edu, a free and open source tool for learning to program with Python, has been released.

PyCharm Edu 3 is an educational edition of PyCharm, JetBrains' integrated development environment for Python. Alongside the editor and development environment, PyCharm Edu bundles interactive online lessons that introduce new users to Python to the language and to the IDE's tools at the same time. 


One addition to the new version is what is being described as an 'experimental adaptive Python course'. This comes from integration with Stepic, a learning management platform. What happens is that there's a course that adapts to the way the student is working. As they work through the course, their progress is monitored and the next tasks they're asked to do are chosen depending on their progress.  They can also tell the system if the task feels too easy or difficult for them.

The course design elements of PyCharm Edu have also been improved, with an enhanced task description panel, the ability to use hyperlinks in task descriptions, and the ability to preview the course you're designing from within the course creation mode.


Another area to have been improved is that of custom tests. These are tests that you write to check students' input and solutions. The new version lets you run and debug the tests from the course creation mode, without having to generate the course or preview it. There's also an enhanced course view in the course creation mode that shows you the course in the same way a student would see it. All system, test and hidden files are displayed in light gray.

Other improvements include the option of specifying the Python version the course is designed for, and having PyCharm pick the appropriate interpreter when the course is opened. In case no interpreter is installed on the student's machine, Pycharm will alert them and suggest installing the required version.


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