Oracle has brought in a new subscription Java SE service for its enterprise Java users  The new service is designed to provide enterprise management, monitoring, and deployment features as well as round-the-clock support. It will be offered as a complement to the free services Oracle also offers. 


Oracle says that the new services will provide more flexibility to customers. Customers who have Java SE Advanced, Java SE Advanced Desktop, Java SE Suite, and/or use Oracle Java SE with an Oracle Product, will continue to receive support and updates as usual. New or existing customers who want commercial Java SE licenses and support can now choose the Java SE Subscription or Java SE Desktop Subscription offering.

 Writing about the new Java SE subscription, Donald Smith, Senior Director of Product Management at Oracle said:

"This new offering does not change how developers will get and use Java SE from Oracle.  As announced last year, Oracle now provides OpenJDK builds under the GPL+CPE license with plans to make them functionally interchangeable with the Oracle JDK by the Java SE 11 launch in September, 2018."

"The Java SE Subscription offering adds to all of that by offering a commercial license for Java SE combined with technical support and access to updates on legacy versions so you can upgrade to later releases on your own schedule.  It also buys time for organizations that may want another year or two to transition any use of Oracle Java SE desktop deployment technologies to other solutions."

The benefits of the new service include commercial features and tools. These include the Java Advanced Management Console that can be used to identify, manage and tune Java SE desktops.

The cost of the Java SE Subscription is £2.50 per month, per user. Along with access to performance, stability, and security updates directly from Oracle, subscribers will get access to several Oracle Java SE versions past the end of public updates, and access to critical bug fixes before they get included in publicly available releases. They will also get around-the-clock My Oracle Support with support for 27 languages and fast-fix turnarounds. 



More Information

Java SE Subscriptions Page

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