Spring Data JDBC For SQLite
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Monday, 06 February 2023

spring-data-sqlite is a library that brings support to Spring Data JDBC for SQLite so that you can use Jdbctemplate to access your SQLite based datasets or use SQLite as a potential drop-in replacement for H2.

Spring doesn’t provide a straightforward way to integrate a SQLite database compared to other databases such as MySQL, Postgres or MongoDB. You have to jump some hoops like making and registering your own SQLDialect component.

Furthermore the available support is limited to Spring Data JPA. Its lighter alternative of Spring Data JDBC provides none. Since the author of this library, Mitsunori Komatsu, wanted to use Spring Data JDBC with SQlite, instead of resorting to hacks, he decided to implement a clean solution and has kindly published it as a library for others to use.

Thus spring-data-sqlite version 1.0.0 sprang up and can be imported into your project by: 

on Gradle

implementation "org. komamitsu:spring-data-sqlite:1. 0. 0"

on Maven

<groupId>org. komamitsu</groupId>
<version>1. 0. 0</version>

Together with the integration he also solved another issue. Spring Data JDBC depends on the underlying database tables being auto-generated ID columns and without that feature, CrudRepository#save(T) doesn’t work properly.

For cases where you need to use Spring Data JDBC for tables that don’t have auto-generated ID columns, spring-data-sqlite provides two new methods - insert(T) and update(T) - exposed by the SqliteHelperRepository helper class that work even with tables that don’t have auto-generated ID columns. These methods can be used as follows:

public interface CarRepository
extends PagingAndSortingRepository<Car, Integer>, SqliteHelperRepository<Car> {}

Car car = new Car(assignedCarId, "my new car");
carRepository. insert(car);
carRepository. update(modifiedCar);

To enable this magic in your own application you have to decorate you main application entry point with the @EnableSqliteRepositories annotation. The author also provides a simple but full source code example on how to go about using the library, found on its Github repo.

In the end he envisions that someday the features that he implemented will be merged into the official Spring Data Jdbc repository. And why not?


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