The Perfect Course On Java Basics
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Monday, 10 April 2023

Do you want a rapid and self paced tutorial on Java basics, OOP, and Intellij too as a total beginner? Then this course by Shai Almog is what you need.

"Learn Java Basics" is free and up for grabs on Youtube as a playlist, comprised of 16 short videos, each up to 10 minutes in duration.

When I say total beginner, I mean it as in total beginner in programming, not just Java. As such the course goes through concepts that range from what a method or a class is ,
or defining the method with the curly braces, to basic instructions of using the Intelij IDE like how to expand blocks of text or run programs and observing their output.

Some examples of the level of competence taught:

  • The words public, class, static and void are all keywords. A keyword is a special word reserved by the language and it can only be used with its intended purpose. 

  • In this case public is used to indicate that everyone can see and access this class.

  • The keyword void is the return value of the method. Void means that the method doesn’t return anything.

  • Why not write everything in main? There are several reasons for that, but the most immediate and basic one is that it would be really hard to read.

And so on.

The course begins by executing a "Hello World" and continues with :

  • Variables, Fields and Methods
  • Arguments, Conditional statements & Arrays
  • Loops

and putting everything learned at that point together into creating a simple a WORDLE Game.

The later lessons enhance the game with IO & Exceptions and loading and saving state.

Then in "Maven, Objects, Encapsulation & Records" it gets interesting by introducing OOP concepts like
organizing in packages, class constructors, object instantiation, encapsulation, as well as the Maven project archetype.

Slowly going more advanced in every step, in chapter "Parsing and Saving JSON with Moshi " you learn how to add dependencies and use external libraries.

But where the course deviates from the simple Programming 101 courses is that it goes a few steps beyond in introducing
real world use cases where you can use your skills to write useful programs like turning your simple Wordle game to a
Spring Boot REST service. In just 17 minutes.

It goes on building on it with the rest of the chapters on adding Spring MVC, a Web UI with Thymeleaf and going through concepts like IOC and Spring session scopes.

At the end of the class you'll have become sort of an advanced beginner. Even if many things won't click yet you'll at least have an idea of the concepts and what's possible to be done.

I think a match in heaven would be if the material would be used in a 101 class setting, serving as the base class material
but supervised by a professor who could answer questions based on the material as you progress through.

One final note is that the course updates weekly so make sure to subscribe and turn your alerts on. With that kind of depth already covered, I wonder what will be next.

All code can be found on Shai's Github profile under the Worlde* repos.


More Information

Learn Java Basics on Youtube
Wordle* repos

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