Java SE Performance Pack Available
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 21 April 2023

Oracle has announced that the Java SE Subscription Enterprise Performance Pack is now available for download under the Java SE Oracle Technology Network (OTN) License.

The pack is now available for download on Oracle's public download pages. Until now only existing customers could acquire it via the My Oracle Support program.


The Java 8 Enterprise Performance Pack is a drop-in replacement for Java 8 workloads on Linux servers, and Oracle says many users of the pack report experiencing a performance improvement of around 20 percent without code or configuration changes, and better improvements with simple configuration updates.

The Enterprise Performance Pack achieves the improvements by implementing the memory management and performance improvements that have been introduced in the seven years between the releases of JDK 8 and JDK 17, including modern garbage collection algorithms, compact strings and enhanced observability.

Some of the biggest improvements, according to Oracle, will be seen for JDK 8 workloads running at or near memory or CPU capacity.  Oracle says that testing on Oracle's own products and cloud services showed improvements in both memory and performance of heavily loaded applications of approximately 40 percent.

Oracle's Java OTN license can be used for a developer to develop, test, prototype and demonstrate their applications. This includes running profilers, debuggers and IDE tools where the primary purpose of the IDE Tools is profiling, debugging and source code editing applications. Developers wanting to use the Java 8 Enterprise Performance Pack for production purposes will need either a paid Java SE subscription or to be run it on Oracle Cloud.

The performance pack is available now.



More Information

Jave Enterprise Performance Pack Download 

Enterprise Peformance Pack On Demand Webinar

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