Microsoft's Visual Studio With Git And GitHub Tutorials
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Tuesday, 13 February 2024

Microsoft has released a short series of video tutorials on using Git and Github from within Visual Studio. Given that Git is nowadays the defacto version control tool with most code hosted on GitHub, learning about them in combination does make sense. 

Of course, the trend is to have that functionality integrated with the IDEs used for developing software. As such most IDEs already do. For instance the Jetbrains range of products, VS Code and of course Microsoft's heavyweight counterpart, Visual Studio.

This intermediate level series, part of Git Tooling in Visual Studio,  looks at more advanced usage scenarios since the basics have already been covered in a previous course. So if you're a total beginner, it's best to start out by signing up to it.

GitHub in VS

Of course, mastering Git is more an art than a skill. Its vastness in switches, options and features render its comprehension a difficult proposition. Thus, many beginners and not just beginners, find it hard to let their valuable code be handled by this version control system.

There's a gazillion of tutorials out there, but that also means that there's a large variation in quality too. Saying that, one of the best tutorials I've ever covered was Git and GitHub LiveLessons by Peter Bell, was back in 2014, but still holding value. This one belongs to the good category too, consiting of a set of four YouTube videos lasting around eight minutes in total:

The four available at the moment are :

  • Creating and Leveraging Branches with GitHub and Visual Studio 

You’ll learn how to create new branches from the main branch, how to rename and delete branches, and how to switch between branches, to work on different features, fix bugs, and experiment with new ideas without affecting the main codebase.

  • Inner-loop Workflow with GitHub in Visual Studio

How to use the GitHub integration in Visual Studio to streamline your development process by learning how to create a new branch, commit and push changes, and use the Live Share feature to collaborate with other developers in real time.

  • Handling Merge Conflicts in Visual Studio

How to use the Visual Studio merge editor to handle merge conflicts in a simple and efficient way. You’ll learn how to compare the conflicting versions of the file, choose the changes you want to keep or discard, and merge the file without losing any data.

  • Recovering from mistakes while working with git in Visual Studio

How to recover from common git errors using three powerful commands: amend, reset, and revert, in Visual Studio. You’ll learn how to edit your last commit, undo changes to your working directory or staging area, and roll back to a previous state of your repository. 


The Git Tooling in Visual Studio, playlist is constantly getting updated with new entries. So make sure to subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with new releases.

On the roadmap there's a series of four titles at advanced level, the first of which is now available: 

  • Cherry Picking in the Visual Studio Git Repository Window

  • Branches: Merging, Rebasing, and Squashing in Visual Studio and GitHub

  • Saving Work in Progress with Stashing in Visual Studio

  • Going Back in Time with Git Blame and Annotate in Visual Studio

The playlist which also includes the beginner course of four videos and miscellaneous tutorials, which play their part in the ongoing Microsoft crusade to educate (and lure) developers on its tools, as we reported in Microsoft Goes All Out On Educating Developers.

What better way to lure devs into the platform than to provide clear how-to instructions and deep educational material? Microsoft acknowledges that in order to win the hearts and minds of developers, solid documentation is the way to go and Git Tooling in Visual Studio sets a really good standard.

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