Embarcadero ER/Studio XE7
Friday, 08 May 2015

Embarcadero has announced ER/Studio XE7, the latest version of its data architecture suite. The new version makes it easier to track data and metadata and also handles changes to data models more automatically.



ER/Studio XE7 is Embarcadero’s data architecture product that combines data modeling, design, and reporting with team collaboration.


It is designed to let you:


  • Document and enhance existing databases

  • Improve data consistency

  • Effectively communicate data models across the enterprise

  • Trace data origins to enhance data integration and accuracy 


The improved handling of data and metadata in the newly released version comes courtesy of glossary enhancements. ER/Studio XE7 can be used alongside ER/Studio Data Architect data dictionary, in which case users can see glossary terms and definitions in real-time for consistency, while changes to glossaries and terms can be tracked with detailed audit trail histories.

The improvements to change management apply to tasks and version history. Model changes can be associated with Agile workflow tasks, and naming standards can be automatically applied across models. ER/Studio XE7 now applies naming standards across logical and physical models.

Three editions of the new version are available: the original Data Architect modeling tool; Data Architect Professional with the integrated Repository; and the Enterprise Team Edition for organization-wide collaboration on models and metadata. A 64-bit version is also available offering improved performance when used on larger data models for key operations such as compare and merge. 

Embarcadero offers a free trial of ER/Studio here.


More Information


ER/Studio Data Architect

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