Mozilla Web Literacy Standard
Written by Sue Gee   
Thursday, 01 August 2013

Further to its white paper outlining a vision for a web literacy standard, Mozilla has now produced a first draft and is requesting comments.

The Web Literacy Standard is a key part of Mozilla’s stated goal of creating:

"a generation of webmakers – those who can not only elegantly consume but also write and participate on the web"

and according to last October's white paper web literacies are at the intersection of digital literacies, media literacies, computational/algorithmic thinking and computer science:



The newly published first draft of the Web Literacy Standard comprises a map of competencies and skills in the three strands:

  • Exploring - Navigating the Web
  • Building - Creating for the Web
  • Connecting -Participating on the Web



The competencies are outlined in the diagram above  and expanded on on the MozillaWiki where you will also find links to the list of skills for each competency.  For example, for Navigation competency, which is summarized as "using software tools to browse the Web" has the following skills:

  • Accessing the Web using the common features of Web browsers
  • Using hyperlinks to access a range of resources on the Web
  • Recognising the visual cues in everyday Web services
  • Installing browser add-ons and extensions to provide additional functionality

At the next level of detail, there are examples of how each of these skills could be demonstrated. In practice acquiring skills will be rewarded with Webmaker badges, part of Mozilla's Open Badge scheme for recognizing achievements and motivating learners to continue to develop competencies.

Doug Belshaw, who is one of owners of the standard as well as being involved in the Open Badges initiative, is asking for feedback from educators, from policy makers and from learners with a view to the launch of v1.0 the Web Literacy Standard at the Mozilla Festival in October. The Webmaker blog gives details of how to join in the discussion.

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