Callback and PhoneGap Build
Written by Ian Elliot   
Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Under its new name, Apache Callback, PhoneGap has been accepted into the Apache Software Foundation. The pricing plan for PhoneGap Build has also been amended after feedback from its users.

Like all newly accepted projects Callback will spend a period in the Apache incubator until it conforms to the norms and standards regarding collaboration and openness that the ASF expects from its projects. 

The announcement of Callback's new status included the comment:

Future PhoneGap development through the ASF will ensure that the project continues to benefit from an open governance model. In fact, the only way the Callback project can work is if it is an open, transparent and collaborative effort.



Phone Gap Build has now revised its pricing model to take account of developer feedback:




Although there have been no changes to the subscription fees and annual for the three paid-for tiers, there are three important changes. The first two concern terminology and are explained in the PhoneGap Build blog

  • We’re labelling your unlimited free apps as public, rather than open source. This gives a better sense of what we mean – you can create unlimited apps that are publicly accessible through PhoneGap Build, and a set number that are only accessible by you, and your private collaborators. Public apps will be available on the PhoneGap Build beta in the next couple of weeks.
  • There is a limit on private collaborators per plan, not users. The apps you build can be distributed to as many end users, or collaborators on your team, as you wish; however, there is a limit on how many users can access your private apps through PhoneGap Build.

Please note that none of this will change any existing apps or accounts on the PhoneGap Build beta – all of the apps you’ve built so far will remain private, and we won’t kick out any collaborators who have worked on your account.

 From the developer's point of view, the most significant change is the removal of the build limits from the plans. This gives developers the freedom they need to actively develop a project. Equally PhoneGap doesn't want its Build service to be overwhelmed so it asks that those who anticipate regularly sending thousands of builds per day to contact it for a custom solution.



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