There's a new preview version of FaunaDB Developer Edition that provides a free to use, single-node, plug-and-play version of the database. FaunaDB has been available as a managed, serverless, cloud database since March this year. 

FaunaDB was developed by developers who were former technical leaders at Twitter and Couchbase. They wanted to develop a new adaptive operational database to meet the needs they felt were unmet while they were working at Twitter. FaunaDB was written in Scala and Java and runs on the JVM, with versions for Linux, Windows, and OS X. There are drivers for Scala, Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, Ruby, Go and Swift, along with an HTTP API.

The database system includes a transactional query language,  ACID consistency, and multi-tenancy. It is strongly consistent and secure, implemented on the JVM for portability. It isn't SQL based, but is relational. You write queries using type-safe embedded domain specific languages (DSLs), like LINQ. The query language does support  joins, foreign keys and indexes.

Alongside the support for relational data, FaunaDB has native support for distributed graphs and graph functions, as well as supporting document storage, with the ability for records in the same table to contain different fields, and for records in different tables to contain the same fields, and even be merged into the same index.


The thinking behind the way the queries are written and handled highlights what is interesting about FaunaDB and its design. For example, the decision to have queries written in the host application language was to ensure that they inherit its safety mechanisms, so avoiding the additional string evaluation step that can lead to injection attacks. Some query functionality is removed depending on where and when the query is executed; for example, in the synchronous interface,table scans are disallowed, and all indexes must be explicitly referenced. This is done to guarantee a consistent and scalable performance.
FaunaDB can be run on-premises or in the cloud. FaunaDB Serverless Could is deployed to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and  Azure will be added soon.

The developers have now announced two additions - the preview version of  FaunaDB Developer Edition, and a preview version of FaunaDB Enterprise.

FaunaDB Developer Edition is a single-node, plug-and-play version of FaunaDB. It is packaged as a single Java JAR, it has no service or library dependencies aside from a recent JVM. It requires no installation or configuration, and is designed for local development and testing. FaunaDB Developer Edition is free but limited—you can’t set up a distributed cluster with it, and it’s not tuned for high performance.

FaunaDB Enterprise is designed to span any combination of public clouds, private clouds, or on-premises datacenters. 


More Information

Fauna Website 

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