MariaDB Adds Node.js Connector
Tuesday, 18 December 2018

The developers of MariaDB have released a connector for Node.js for the database, giving developers a way to build build Node.js applications on top of MariaDB’s relational database.

Node.js is an increasingly popular framework for developers .It is an asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine, and uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. The team at MariaDB say the new connector gives a significantly better performance over alternative connectors.



MariaDB is the spin-off of MySQL that was started when Oracle took over the original MySQL. It was developed by Monty Widenius, the main developer of the original version of MySQL. 

The connector is a non-blocking MariaDB client for Node.js that is 100 percent JavaScript and compatible with Node.js 6+. The connector was available as an alpha earlier in the year, and the updated version offers support for Insert streaming, pipelining, and batching. It also supports failover and load balancing via a multi-node configuration.

Insert streaming means that when you're using a Readable stream in your application, you can stream Insert statements to MariaDB through the connector.

Pipelining lets the connector send commands without waiting for server results so that the order is preserved. For instance, if you want to send two Insert statements, the pipeline means the connector doesn't wait for the results of the first query before sending the second Insert; instead, it sends queries one after the other, avoiding much of the network latency.

Batch support is new in this release, meaning you can send a batch of queries in one call to improve performance for situations such as needing to insert a large amount of data into a database table. There's a new batch API to handle this.

The developers of the connector say that when benchmarked against existing Node.js drivers, the MariaDB Connector performed 1.7 times faster in query mode and 35 times faster in batch mode. This is being attributed to the pipleline and insert streaming support reducing network traffic and enabling asynchronous processing of database queries from a Node.js application.

The Connector works with MariaDB’s standard SQL layer, and is available for download as a Release Candidate now and will be generally available in January.


More Information

Node.js Connector On MariaDB Site

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