MongoDB Updates Charts Tool
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 21 January 2019

An updated beta of a new data charting tool has been made available by MongoDB. The tool, MongoDB Charts, can be used to connect to any MongoDB instance as a data source, and to create charts and graphs, build dashboards, and share them with other users for collaboration.

When it becomes generally available MongoDB Charts will be part of MongoDB Atlas, the company’s database-as-a-service, and the main update to the beta is that it s now integrated into MongoDB Atlas, meaning that Atlas users can now visualize their data and share with their team, without the need to install or maintain any servers or tools.


The advantage of MongoDB Charts over other charting tools is that it can be used to analyze complex, nested data such as arrays and subdocuments without having to flatten the data. You can then assemble the charts into a dashboard that can be shared among groups of users. If you connect to a live data source, the tool will keep your charts and dashboards up to date. One useful sounding option is the fact that Charts will automatically aggregate your data by generating an aggregation pipeline from your chart design which is executed on your MongoDB server.

mongodb chart

Alongside the support for Atlas, the new beta has better chart customization options so you can change axis titles, colors, and date formats. While these changes apply to the Atlas version, you can still install the beta for on-premises servers. That version will be updated to include the same charting enhancements as seen in the new Atlas version over the coming weeks

At the moment, this is a tool aimed primarily at MongoDB users, but there are plans to add an embedded option to Charts so developers can create visualizations and embed them into their website and apps.


More Information

MongoDB Website

Charts On MongoDB Website

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