RavenDB Adds Time Series Query Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 16 July 2020

The latest release of RavenDB adds the ability to query and index time series data, along with other improvements including the ability to schedule periodic document refreshes, customize database compression, and a host of bug fixes.

RavenDB is a noSQL, schema-free, database that is ACID transaction compliant, supports sharding, replication and multi-tenancy. It comes with clients for C#, Java, NodeJS, Python, Ruby and Go.


It's written in .NET Core and began life supporting the .NET environment, but has since widened its scope. It is available on AWS and Azure clouds. There are several ways to create queries in RavenDB, including a SQL-like language called RQL (RavenDB Query Language);a query method with LINQ support, and an API that uses RQL, DocumentQuery.

The improvements to the new release start with support for querying and indexing time series data attached to documents. Time series data in RavenDB is stored separately with an internal link to the associated document. To enable the querying, RavenDB 5.0 has a new date range querying syntax that can use the linked data.

Another improvement to RavenDB 5.0 is support for periodic document refreshing. You can schedule this on documents that use a special @refresh metadata property. RavenDB checks on a set interval for any documents containing the @refresh metadata tag,  and if the refresh date has passed, it will remove the tag which will trigger document reindexing as well as any ongoing tasks like ETL, subscriptions, or replication.

Document compression has also been improved, and there's a new load balancer that can be used to customize load balancing behavior for reads and writes. Other improvements include the ability to add custom sorters within the RavenDB Studio IDE; and an upgraded JavaScript language engine which means JavaScript indexes can take advantage of more expressive ES2016 language features such as spread, destructuring, and arrow functions.


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