DataStax Adds gRPC To Stargate For Performant Microservices
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Thursday, 18 November 2021

You can now interact with the AstraDB multi-cloud DBaaS that is built on Apache Cassandra, through gRPC. This is a welcome addition to the already rich collection of APIs for accessing AstraDB over Stargate..


This new API is added to Stargate Gateway, DataStax's data gateway that gets deployed between client applications and databases which, as we explained in "DataStax Extends Stargate" exposes the database layer as a multitude of APIs.

The gRPC addition comes on top of the Document, REST, CQL and GraphQL APIs, giving more choices to developers in accessing AstraDB over Stargate.

Under the Document API you can modify and query data stored as unstructured JSON documents in collections. The REST API exposes CRUD access to data stored in Cassandra tables, while under the CQL API you can access those tables using Cassandra’s native query language CQL and under the GraphQL API you can easily modify and query table data using GraphQL types, queries, and mutations.


With the new gRPC API DataStax is shifting focus on creating highly performant microservices applications that interact with Cassandra.The rationale is that the scalability and maintainability of microservices is reduced when multiple languages are used, and HTTP APIs and native database drivers introduce latency and add networking overhead. gRPC on the other hand boosts performance and makes it easier to support multilingual microservices on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

As such the key benefits of the new API can be summarized as:

  • Increased performance of microservices applications in cloud native environments

  • Developing multilingual microservices while eliminating native drivers

  • Activating advanced features of HTTP/2 across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

There are already DataStax-supported gRPC clients for Go, Rust, Node.js and Java.



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