dtSearch Adds Multithreaded Indexing
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 21 January 2022

dtSearch has been updated with improvements including a preview of the ability to build indexes using multiple threads, which the developers say greatly improving indexing speed on 64-bit Windows and Linux systems with multiple cores.

The dtSearch text retrieval / full text search engine that can be used to search a wide variety of data types, and that comes with 25 full-text and metadata search features. It can be used to add search and built-in data support applications, with APIs for C++, Java and .NET through .NET 6.


The latest release adds support for Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, and .NET 6, along with a new Apple silicon M1/ARM build for the dtSearch Engine for macOS.

The main improvement is the multithreaded 64-bit indexer preview feature for much faster indexing on multicore Windows and Linux systems.The feature is not recommended for production use, and requires least 16 Gb of memory to work. This release also supports concurrent index access, meaning that any number of SearchJobs can target the same index, or different indexes, concurrently in different threads or in different processes. The developers say that as searching is done without any need for file or record locks, one search user has no effect on another concurrent search user (apart from the need to share CPU and other hardware resources).

The new release also adds support for index groups. These make it easier to organize your indexes when working with very large numbers of indexes. When groups are enabled, if an index name contains a colon, then the part before the colon is considered to be the group.

There's also a new "find indexes" control in the Search dialog box that lets you filter the list of indexes by name and quickly select indexes to search using the keyboard.

Other improvements include support for the new 64-bit versions of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Release for end-user PDF display with highlighted hits.

dtSearch 2021.02 is available now.


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