MySQL Heatwave Available On AWS
Written by Alex Denham   
Thursday, 29 September 2022

Oracle has announced that MySQL Heatwave is now available on Amazon AWS. MySQL Heatwave is a massively parallel, high performance, in-memory query accelerator for Oracle MySQL Database Service.

MySQL Database is a fully-managed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service, developed, managed, and supported by the MySQL team in Oracle.


Heatwave is a MySQL Database service for transactions, analytics, and machine learning (ML) that until now has only been available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Heatwave is described by Oracle as accelerating MySQL performance by orders of magnitude for analytics and mixed workloads. MySQL Database Service with HeatWave can be used to run OLTP and OLAP workloads directly from a MySQL database, rather than having to move data and integrate with a separate analytics database.

Oracle says that on a 4 TB TPC-H benchmark, MySQL HeatWave on AWS provides price performance that is seven times better than Amazon Redshift, ten times better than Snowflake, twelve better than Google BigQuery, and four time better than Azure Synapse Analytics.  

Oracle has also introduced several new features for MySQL HeatWave on AWS, starting with an enhanced version of MySQL Autopilot that uses machine-learning techniques to automate HeatWave, making it easier to use. Autopilot provides workload-aware, machine learning-based automation of various aspects of the application lifecycle, including provisioning, data management, query execution, and failure handling. Oracle has now added extras options for OLTP workloads, including auto thread pooling for higher and sustained throughput at high concurrency, and auto shape prediction that works out the optimal shape which should be provisioned to provide the best price performance for OLTP workloads.

The new service also includes security features including server-side data masking and de-identification, asymmetric data encryption, and a database firewall. Asymmetric data encryption lets developers and DBAs increase the protection of confidential data and implement digital signatures. The database firewall provides real-time protection against database-specific attacks, such as SQL Injections.

MySQL Heatwave is available on Amazon AWS now.


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