AlloyDB For PostgreSQL Now Generally Available
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 19 December 2022

Google has announced the general availability of AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, first introduced earlier in the year at Google I/O. Google describes the fully-managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service as providing a powerful option for modernizing the most demanding enterprise database workloads.

AlloyDB was developed by taking the PostgreSQL API and extending it with Google's own machine learning, AI and storage features. It automates administrative tasks such as backups, replication, patching, and capacity management and uses adaptive algorithms and machine learning for PostgreSQL vacuum management, storage and memory management, data tiering, and analytics acceleration.


At the time the preview was announced, Andi Gutmans, GM and VP of Engineering for Databases at Google Cloud said that AlloyDB was more than four times faster than standard PostgreSQL for transactional workloads, and up to 100 times faster for analytical queries.

Since the preview was announced Google has added a number of extra features including customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK) and VPC Service Controls. CMEK is aimed at AlloyDB users who need to manage their own data encryption keys in order to satisfy specific compliance or regulatory requirements. The release also includes a preview of an index advisor that helps you optimize your databases by observing the queries your databases handle, and then recommending new indexes based on these observations. There's also a preview of new fleet-wide monitoring.

There's also a preview of cross-region replication, and a preview of a database migration service that can be used to migrate from PostgreSQL to AlloyDB. Integration with Datastream for change data capture and replication to destinations like BigQuery has also been announced, and the team says the production release has been improved for performance, availability, replication lag, and monitoring.



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