Apache Doris Updated With Much Faster Queries
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 06 February 2023

Apache Doris has been updated with a new version that is more stable, has improved query performance by ten times, and adds a number of new functions. The plans for future developments have also been announced. Doris is an open source real-time analytical database that is massively parallel processing (MPP) based and provides interactive SQL data warehousing for reporting and analysis.

The project was originally developed as the Palo Project within Baidu's advertising report business and was made open source then donated by Baidu to Apache foundation for incubation in July 2018, at which point it was renamed Doris.


Doris provides high concurrent low latency point query performance, as well as high throughput queries of ad-hoc analysis.

The developers say that in 2022, Doris became one of the most active open-sourced big data analysis engine projects in the world while the Doris community became one of the most active open-source communities in China.

Much of the work in developing Doris 1.2 went on stability and quality assurance. The team used automated testing tools and test cases from well-known open source projects to build millions of test case sets, and used community access pipeline and regression testing frameworks to  ensure the quality of code-merge.

The performance has also received attention, enabling Doris to achieve third place in the Clickbench database performance list for the single table test. Doris was also ten times faster on standard data sets for multi-table association compared to its performance when it was launched.

The updated version also adds a number of functions including Merge-on-Write for unique keys, Multi-Catalog, Java UDF, Array type, and JSONB type.

Plans for the coming year include a unified data model, time series data analysis, and a mixed workload pipeline.

Doris 1.2 is available now.


More Information

Doris Website

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