Hasura Unveils Data Delivery Network
Written by Sue Gee   
Tuesday, 27 June 2023

Hasura has announced Hasura DDN, an edge network that automatically reroutes client requests to the closest Hasura instance, minimizing round-trip time and reducing latency. 


Hasura Data Delivery Network (DDN) was announced at HasuraCon 2023 alongside Hasura Schema Registry and its first data connector for NoSQL data.

Explaining the need for these new technologies, Paul Nashawaty, principal analyst at TechTarget Enterprise Strategy Group said: 

“Data and APIs are the backbone of the modern enterprise. APIs are the predominant mechanism for delivering data from the producers to the edge consumers in a fast, secure, and reliable way. And yet the task of writing, running, scaling, and maintaining APIs on data remains slow, tedious, and a major productivity and time sink for developers. The announcements made by Hasura today make GraphQL and REST APIs easier to author and operate, enhancing the developer experience and bringing the power of APIs to more data.”

Hasura DDN, an edge network of 100+ global regions, with 99.99% uptime guarantees, is intended to enable developers to run low-latency/high-performance data APIs at global scale, with no additional effort and no additional fees, by automatically rerouting client requests to the closest Hasura instance, which minimizes the round-trip time and reduces latency. It has been made posThasible by a major architecture change of the Hasura engine that reduced its cold start time to under 1 millisecond. As a result, the Hasura runtime can be instantiated on the edge region when the API is invoked, enabling instant auto-scaling to handle any spike in traffic, globally.  


It integrates with distributed databases, such as CockroachDB, Amazon Aurora, and YugaByte. DDN will be available soon on Hasura Cloud and as Private DDN for self-hosted Hasura customers.

DDN will also facilitate rapid API iteration and testing. According to Hasura developers can go from code to global-scale production (including building, validation, and testing) in less than one second commenting:

This rapid CI/CD is true regardless of the number of data models connected, across all changes and scenarios. 

You can sign up here to be notified about DDN and request to join the early access group.

The new Hasura Schema Registry makes managing, governing, and collaborating on a federated API simpler. Building on the existing Hasura Federation, which lets developers compose multiple domain APIs into a single, unified API, aka the supergraph, it allows developers across multiple teams to easily control and audit GraphQL schema changes across diverse data sources,  providing them more confidence in push changes in mission-critical production apps. 

The launch of the MongoDB Data Connector enables MongoDB developers can use the new connector to automatically create a GraphQL API from their collections and documents. It extends Hausura's reach beyond SQL, which it supports with connectors to Snowflake, MySQL, MariaDB, and Oracle, to its first NoSQL data store.  Connectors for other NoSQL stores, including Cassandra/Datastax and Elasticsearch, will be available soon, as will support for existing NoSQL capabilities including PostgreSQL JSONB columns. 

Other new features include Native Queries and Logical Models which enable developers to incorporate the capabilities of their database’s query language in Hasura’s auto-generated APIs. 

The company also announced new open-source innovations in Open DDS and Native Data Connector. Open DDS (previously known as GraphQL Data Specification) allows developers to create enterprise-grade APIs using a domain model-driven approach while Native Data Connector (previously known as the GraphQL Data Connector) allows developers to create custom data agents. By open-sourcing the project the company hopes developers will have more support for building their agents. 

Hasura Cloud is now available on Microsoft Azure, in addition to its existing availability on AWS and GCP.

At HasuraCon, Tanmai Gopal, co-founder and CEO of Hasura claimed:

“This is the largest and most significant set of innovations that we have created to date in our journey to make data APIs available and beneficial to all developers. Hasura DDN introduces a number of industry firsts, and does more to reduce the time needed for data to make it from provider to consumer than any other Hasura capability. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished since the last HasuraCon, and look forward to showing the community what else we have in store.”  



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