Google Adds Multiple Database Support To Firestore
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 04 March 2024

Google has announced the general availability of Firestore Multiple Databases, which can be used to manage multiple Firestore databases within a single Google Cloud project.

Google Firestore is a NoSQL document database that is fully managed and gives developers a way to store, synchronize, and query data for their mobile apps, with offline support.


Firestore is designed to make it easy to synch data to the cloud with real-time data synchronization, and automatic, multi-region data replication with strong consistency.

The latest enhancement aims to improve data separation, security, resource management, and cost tracking. In practical terms, the change means multiple databases are now fully supported in the Google Cloud console, Terraform resources, and all of Firestore's SDKs.

The release is supported by a new API endpoint for CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations; a resource in Terraform for using Firestore; a gcloud CLI command and a Firebase CLI command, all of which can be used to manage the lifecycle of one or more Firestore databases.

Conditional Identity Access Management control has also been improved, meaning you can apply different security policies to different Firestore databases with IAM Conditions or Firebase Security Rules. Minh Nguyen, Senior Product Manager Lead for Firestore said:

"Firestore lets you apply granular security configurations on an individual database through IAM conditions. This functionality allows distinct security policies to be applied to different databases, enabling precise, granular control. For instance, you can grant specific user groups access solely to designated databases, ensuring robust security and data isolation."

The new functionality also means you can create new databases, in the same project, in any supported Firestore region, and can track the cost of your databases separately through Cloud Billing and BigQuery.

The update also adds support for cloud monitoring as Firestore's Cloud Monitoring Metrics and Stats are now aggregated at the database-level.

The updated version of Firestore is available now. 


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