MySQL 5.7 Hits 1 million NoSQL Queries per Second
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Oracle has made several announcements about MySQL at Oracle World, starting with a new development milestone release that has improvements in both performance and manageability.

According to Oracle, in benchmarks the new release achieved 645,000 SQL queries per second and more than 1 million NoSQL queries per second. Oracle also announced a variety of additional MySQL product releases and early access features, along with making MySQL source code available on GitHub.

The improved performance has been achieved using a new optimizer dynamic cost model, improved InnoDB performance, and replication performance improvements. The MySQL Optimizer Cost Model should give better query performance, and will also provide more control over execution plans and costs. The costs estimates the optimizer uses are stored in tables that you can configure.

The performance of InnoDB has also been improved for faster online and bulk load operations. Replication performance improvements mean many transactions can to be applied in parallel while maintaining full consistency and supporting transaction retries.

In benchmark tests using SysBench Read-only Point-Selects, at 1,024 connections, MySQL 5.7 delivered 645,000 queries per second (QPS), two times better than MySQL 5.6. More than 1 million NoSQL QPS to InnoDB via Memcached were achieved with MySQL 5.7, which is six times more than with MySQL 5.6.

Alongside the improvements to MySQL, Oracle has announced the first MySQL Cluster 7.4 development milestone release. This has enhancements to increase scalability, uptime, and agility. It supports active-active replication so you can replicate between clusters in different locations with automated conflict detection and resolution; you can also use more cores within each node for better scale out of throughput.

Oracle is providing early access to features under development, including MySQL Group Replication and multisource replication, for community testing and feedback through

You can download the free Community Server Edition of MySQL 5.7.5 m15 via the Development Releases tab on the MySQL Downloads page and the MySQL source code is also being made publicly available on GitHub.


Preview of MySQL 5.6.5


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