DataGrip Improves Schema Management
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 27 March 2017

There's a new version of DataGrip, JetBrain's IDE for databases and SQL. DataGrip 2017.1 has a number of improvements including new schema management and SQL resolution scopes.  

DataGrip is a combination of an intelligent SQL editor and collection of database tools packed together and running on top of the IntelliJ platform.

The improvements to the new version start with the new schema management UI. This is a tree with the ability to choose if you want to introspect the current schema/database or, all schemas/databases.




The SQL resolution scope is another improvement. In previous versions of DataGrip, you could experience problems resolving objects from SQL code if they were unqualified by schema references. You can now map any file or folder to any datasource using a SQL resolution scope to overcome this.Still on schemas, the developers have added a simple UI for creating schemas and databases.

The query console is another area that has been improved. DataGrip now respects the default search path, which will make life easier for PostgreSQL users.

Trigger support has been improved with the addition of a trigger template in the Generate menu.

The IDE now also supports NEW/OLD and INSERTED/UPDATED tables when creating or editing triggers, so you can use completion for these tables’ columns as well.

Another improvement for SQLite users is in the database tree. Earlier versions used the introspection provided by the JDBC-driver for SQLite. As a result, many objects were absent in the database tree and some source codes were incorrect. DataGrip now shows triggers, expression indexes, partial indexes and check constraints.

Other improvements include the display of query time and column/row numbers in the data editor status bar; the ability to Include or exclude text occurrences in Find Usages; and Windows authentication for SQL Server in the jTDS driver. 


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