Live the Life of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Written by Lucy Black   
Saturday, 20 July 2013

Here's a launch trailer for a simulation game that "puts you in the shoes of a robot vacuum cleaner". And before you dismiss this as a wacky idea ask yourself, would you be more interested if the game featured a dog, cat. or other pet?



The recently launched game is Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 and it is the sequel to the original game from Stolidus Simulations that probably isn't as much of a cult hit as its 5-star review suggests.

The new version features a 3D landscape and with a two-player mode might entice more player to explore the world under the sofa where the dust and discarded socks accumulate.

The review on Stolidus Simulations site claims:

Stolidus has managed to create a game that will suck players into its massive world that encompasses several rooms, and on top of that tells the most spellbinding and creative story ever told. One may laugh at the idea of creating a game where the player is expected to sympathize with a robot and care for its actions, and struggles in the world, but Stolidus’ extravagant game put’s those claims to the test ...

The bit I have to agree with is that Robot Vacuum Cleaner owners do indeed empathize with their charges - worrying about them when they get stuck under chests of drawers or tangled up in trailing cables. They even recount these everyday traumas to relatives who ask after the well being of the robot along with husband, children and pets.

One of the unexpected things about acquiring a robot vacuum cleaner is the tendency to think of it more as a pet than a household appliance. But while pets add to the entropy of a household, a Roomba succeeds in introducing more order. 

It's often observed that dog owners take on characteristics of their pets. Does the something similar happen to Roomba owners? It seems so - over the past few months I have learnt to pick things up off the floor and to put things in the right and proper place. It was a completely unlooked-for side effect of purchasing a Roomba and I hope it's one that won't wear off.




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